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1966 Targa Roof Restoration

Extremely tired 66 SWB Targa roof in for complete restoration, step by step process below.



Stripped to frame only


New replacement tension bands either side applied, it’s propose is to space an separate the aluminium spacer bars which allow the roof to fold. This is applied with


The aluminium spacer bars are then riveted the the tension bands, this holds the spacer bars in place.


Roof tension increased



Final Skin being applied


Almost ready for fitting


Headlining Fitting



After fitting and lots of seal & plate adjustment.


Low wind noise with good body to roof seal



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Peptia in Blue


Pepita Houndstooth Blue

Pepita Houndstooth Blue

New in Stock, Blue Pepita Houndstooth
is added to our range of fabrics

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Rare 1967 Sport Recaro’s

Some one year only 1967 sport recaros, these seats were Porsche’s first venture into a sports purpose seat and were available as an expensive option to your 911 back in the day. These early first seats didn’t even have provision for head rests
Trimmed in OEM correct perforated vinyl bolsters and Classic FX’s original produced pepita “houndstooth” would have been how the seat was specified originally.

These seats change hands for between £8-£10K at auction!


SAM_2054 SAM_2053 SAM_2055

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1973 911T CIS Coupe Interior Trim

This 1973.5 CIS couple had tried seats and carpet, customer requested the seats to go back to the original corduroy. Classic FX also supplied a correct year steering wheel to finish things off 🙂

SAM_1892 SAM_1891 SAM_1890 SAM_1887

SAM_1857 SAM_1853 SAM_1851 SAM_1847 SAM_1843 SAM_1842 SAM_1840 SAM_1839

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Porsche Early Basket Weave Material



In my quest for Porsche perfection I have sourced a roll of basket weave material as used on early 911’s and 912’s seat centres, dash faces and door cards.

Width 130 cm, price £35 per meter or £20 for a strip enough to recover the dash excursion.

Shipping worldwide

To order contact: Garry at

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